Answering the question “How much do pallet racking inspections cost?” is difficult.  The cost of a rack safety inspection varies depending on the size and complexity of the installation.   On average a small installation starts from £350.00 + VAT.  However, this can raise to £900.00 + VAT for larger installations with up to 10,000 pallet locations.  Sites that have more than 10,000 pallets will be quoted on an individual basis.

  • Prices start from £350.00 + VAT per inspection
  • Cost depends on the size and complexity of the installation
  • Discounts available for a three-year inspection contract
  • SEMA approved inspectors

Regular inspections of your storage equipment will help you ensure your warehouse is a safe place in which to work. Racking inspection are carried out by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Guideline No. 6 – Guide to the Conduct of Pallet Racking and Shelving Surveys.  The frequency of your inspections depends on a wide variety of factors that are particular to your site, but the first inspection is normally carried out within 6 months of the installation becoming operational and thereafter at a maximum of 12-month intervals, depending on the amount of damage sustained.

With 2h Storage Solutions, the price agreed is the price you pay, there are no additional costs.  Three-year contracts are available where you will be guaranteed a discount of 10% on the initial inspection fee for the two subsequent years.

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