The buzz about autonomous mobile robots taking over is hard to ignore, and as these robotics revolutionize industries, the key lies in how we manage their introduction. We’re entering a brave new world with technology propelling businesses into uncharted territory. While the excitement is palpable, it also brings forth valid concerns and uncertainties about seamlessly integrating these systems into existing processes.

Evolution from Then to Now

Kiva Systems, the pioneers in producing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), were acquired by Amazon, halting sales to other companies. This shift prompted alternatives like Swisslog CarryPick, Scallog System, and Grey Orange Butler, offering more flexible and scalable options.

Previous versions, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), were bulkier, requiring dedicated tracks and limiting human movement within warehouses. AMRs have overcome these challenges by autonomously mapping routes to avoid obstacles, with human employees dedicating a brief period to mapping larger spaces.

Setting Up with Ease

Integrating any new system hinges on optimal efficiency to enhance overall warehouse operations. The warehouse management system (WMS) remains the central software, instructing the warehouse control system (WCS) on tasks and destinations. Similar to human counterparts, AMRs operate through a task queue, where jobs are prioritized and routed to either human or robotic users.

Operating through a secure cloud eliminates the need for additional warehouse hardware or software. Setting up AMRs doesn’t demand an army of IT experts; even if Wi-Fi coverage is lacking, mobile modems can serve as alternatives. Charging docks for AMRs, typically inconspicuous, pose no safety concerns and require minimal attention due to the robots’ autonomous nature.

For most warehouses, the setup period can be as short as one week, remarkably quick given the complexity of AMRs. While the upfront cost may be higher, the impact on operations is minimized during this period, and the return on investment becomes noticeable as output increases. Some AMRs collaborate with humans, handling the transportation of goods.

As online shopping surges, e-fulfillment warehouses face growing demands, making the adoption of autonomous mobile robots almost inevitable. Costs will decrease, concerns will ease, and the benefits will become increasingly apparent over time. The future holds a seamless integration of AMRs into the fabric of warehouse operations.

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