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Warehouse Tools and Equipment for the North East

Are you looking for warehouse tools and equipment in the North East?  You have come to the right place.  Having the correct warehouse equipment is essential in the successful warehouse operations and the running of any modern warehouse.  Managing goods on an industrial scale can be a challenging business without the right equipment.  Upgrading your warehouse equipment will help you to meet regulatory requirements. Also meeting health and safety standards helps to ensures that all your operations run as smoothly as possible.

2h Storage Solutions can offer you a wide range of material handling and industrial warehouse supplies for all your needs. Equipment for storing raw materials or finished products.  We understand that an efficient warehouse workshop or factory floor, always has additional storage and heavy-duty handling requirements. We can therefore supply you with an extensive range of industrial and workshop storage equipment products including lockers, cabinets, workbenches, safety barriers, pallet trucks, trolleys, sack trucks, mobile steps, weighing scales, dock equipment and other warehouse accessories.

Having the right equipment is vital and we understand the challenges you face. Whatever your storage requirement, either for your warehouse, factory floor or staff area, contact 2h Storage Solutions. We can evaluate your exact requirements and make sure you purchase the right products to meet your needs.  If you are after racking systems click here.

Forklift trucks, reach trucks, trolleys, industrial quality shelving to sturdy ladders. Our vast range of styles and brands will help you make the best possible choices for your business.

Choosing the right forklift truck for your application requires a lot of prior thought and research.  Here at 2h Storage Solutions we take that headache away from you.  There are many different types of forklift trucks used in warehouses and it can be difficult to know which is best for your environment. Our experts know exactly what needs to be taken into consideration when looking at which forklifts to purchase or hire.

Workbenches & Workstations

Workbench Packing / Dispatch

Workbenches come in difference sizes and styles and are a must have item for many homes and businesses.  Used for a wide range of purposes, from hobbies, as dispatch tables through to full test and production uses.

The main consideration after size is if you need to combine some form of storage into your work bench. It might just be one single draw or an under level shelf? Or do you need a bench mounted louvered panel to store plastic boxes and bins?

We offer a range of workbenches and workstations to suit your specific requirements. Ranging from picking and assembly work benches to modular workbenches and heavy duty workbenches. Various worktops are available chipboard, MDF or MFC with storage levels above and below the work surface.

Rivet Workstation

Easy to build, incredibly strong and cost effective. Standing 915mm high, available in a range of widths and and formats. Colours Blue /Grey or Blue / Orange.

Modular Workbench

Create any configuration, allowing you to meet you exact requirements cost effectively. Starter and extension frames available using 3 way and 4 way steel tube posts, supplied flatpack for easy assembly. Create individual pods or work areas or bench the perimeter ofg the room the options are endless.

Heavy Duty Workbench

Heavy Duty workbenches have a massive 800kgs UDL. Heavy duty steel frames support 40mm multi-ply beech worktop. A variety of suspended, lockable drawer and door cabinets can be fitted at any point along the workbench length.

Packing Workbench

Complete with everything you need to process, pack and despatch orders. Safe and ergonomic to use, complete with bubble wrap dispenser upper paper roll dispenser, 2 storage levels 1 complete with dividers, cutter bar, safety blade and storage drawer.


Versatile computer workstations for the industrial environment all with secure storage cupboard with 3 -point locking.

Storage Bins | Storage Boxes

Storage Bins and Boxes are the tough, versatile solution to small parts storage. Tough, colourful polypropylene Maxi Storage Bins stack on each other, on shelves, or hook onto louvered panels. Even when they’re self-stacked you can see what’s in them, and access the bins.

All Maxi Bins come with slots for labels or bar codes and are a really efficient storage unit. They use dividers to compartmentalise individual bins.

Plastic Bins & Boxes come in a wide range of sizes and colours and are popular with businesses from manufacturing through to auto parts and car garages. We provide a comprehensive range of plastic bins that are ideal when combined with shelf or bench storage. Plastic bins and boxes are easy to pick from and keep small parts together tidy and ready to use. They are also ideal for storing various tools, products, nuts, bolts, washers and other small items.

These are often referred to as totes or tote boxes as well as small parts plastic storage boxes.

Plastic Bins & Boxes available in a wide range of colours including blue, yellow and red.

Popular with manufactures, auto parts, plumbing, hospitals, and electronics

  • Store and retrieve 1000s of small items in a single bay
  • Quick and easy picking of small items
  • Maximum use of storage cube
  • Store small parts and packages in the same rack
  • Subdivide bins for extra efficiency
  • Bins in 7 different sizes, 4 bright colours
  • Use with shelving or louvered panels
  • Store up to 27 kg per bin!


We provide a wide range of robust, affordable metal storage cabinets.  Adjustable shelves and locking doors provide secure storage for all items. Various colors and sizes make these versatile cabinets ideal for many storage requirements in your warehouse, office, workshop or factory floor.

Our cabinets come in both standard and fire proof ranges with a choice of key pad or key options for most of the range, we are very competitive with great offers on our fire proof filling cabinet range.

We offer a fast delivery service with delivery and installation options for some of the larger items with the legislative requirements for solicitors and document storage we supply some of Yorkshire top law firms with fire proof filling cabinets. While supplying our storage equipment to some of the top manufactures and production facilities in a wide range of industries from food manufactures through to engineering and industrial applications.

We offer various sizes of cabinets to store your various items we can even make special cabinets in stainless steel finishes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our design team can offer you free advice on which of our large range of metal and fire cabinets best meet your requirements. We even offer a bulk purchase discount with next day delivery on some items.

So if you are looking for a reliable supplier with a great after sales service why not call the Norths leading storage equipment supplier for a great deal on metal and fire proof cabinets. Do you need a COSHH cabinet to store certain chemicals or products we offer fully certified product that meets all the necessary regulations.

The following are examples of cabinets 2h Storage Solutions supply, contact us with your requirements and we’ll talk you through your options.

  • Industrial and Commercial use
  • COSHH / Hazardous / Acid Alkaline cabinets
  • PPE / Toxic / Medical / Cabinets
  • Mobile parts / Tool
  • Fire Proof Filing Cabinets

Trolleys and Steps

We provide a wide range of handling products such as trolleys and steps to help you access and collect your stored items safely. With everything from platform trucks to heavy duty industrial access steps we can provide products to improve your material handling requirements. Our range includes:

  • Platform Trucks
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Drum Handling
  • Container Trucks
  • Distribution Trolleys
  • Safety Steps

Access Platforms

There is a large selection of trolleys to meet your requirements from the very popular clever folding trolley through to heavy duty shelf trolleys. The more industrial environments usually favour our popular heavy duty shelf trucks for moving smaller heavy items. With parcel carts and cages ideal for moving boxes of larger stock with roll cages also popular for these items. We also have a comprehensive range of panel, board, pipe and bar trolleys for safety moving more specific stock.

We also supply all the usual folding and fixed sack trucks, three way and stair climbing sack trucks or platform trolleys with mesh, panel or open sides.
Our comprehensive range of steps and access equipment offer products suitable for a wide range of applications from the small steel kick steps through to large Fort Heavy Duty Vantage Mobile Steps.

Starting with either a plastic or steel kick step then we supply small folding steps with easy carry foam grips. Then we move onto easy slope aluminum folding leader steps and high quality double decker aluminum step ladders which comply to EN-131 standards.

Then for more regular access the fort step offers the most practical solution starting at 2 steps with metal or rubber treads up to 5 steps with handrail and platform. There is a further option of fort tilt and pull steps with the popular fort mobile step range featuring 2,3,4,5 and 6 steps with platforms and hand rails.

Complete the form below or call 01937 585057 and we’ll help you find the best materials handling product at the best prices.

Trolleys and Steps  steps  Trolleys

Storage Lockers

Lockers for schools, factories, NHS, MOD, Police, Libraries, medium and heavy duty, in charge lockers for mobile and laptop charging, tool charging lockers

There are a huge range of storage lockers available to store your staffs belongings. We have provided various locker systems for the MOD, Police, NHS, Libraries, Factories, School and Sports Clubs. You may want to consider the following before placing your order. Do you need school lockers or for a special environment we have experience in design and supplying a wide range of personnel and tool locker storage for larger organisations and production and manufacturing facilities.

We offer a wide range of  sizes and colors with various key options with master key, combination, pound coin or token operated, digital or padlock options, we even operate a key management system that stops the need for new locks or lockers.

We offer a full service including supply and delivery with the option for installation with a range of associated locker room products like benches and wall mounted coat hooks. These can all be tailored to meet your requirements in a range of matching finishes or color coded for different uses or shifts.

We also offer a discount structure for larger projects and have experience in working in a wide range of environments for main contractors, quantity surveyors and other construction professionals.

We offer a choice of lockers from three quarter height to full height with uniform, clean and dirty, two person, garment dispenser and collection medium and heavy duty, in charge lockers for mobile and laptop charging, tool charging lockers laminated and wood finishes for both dry and wet areas.

So for your next project call the Norths leading supplier of storage equipment for a fast friendly and personnel service.


Pallet Boxes

Choose from the following types or call us / complete the enquiry form below to discuss your requirements in more detail. We offer pallet boxes in a wide range of sizes and colors suitable for most industries from food to chemical. Our range comes mainly in a variety of plastic types with the option of timber and steel pallet boxes. We offer folding and stackable boxes suitable for holding varying weights and sizes of objects.

If you have a large order we can offer a discount structure to make sure you get the most cost effective solution for your storage of products. We have easy clean ranges that can be power washed to stop cross product contamination with color coding options.

  • Pallet Boxes 1200x1000x790
  • Folding Pallet Boxes 1200×1000 / 1200×800
  • Mega Pallet Boxes 1200x1000x1200
  • Wooden or plastic boxes available

Wide range of colours available, next day delivery optional.


Pallet Boxes  Blue Pallet Box  Wooden Pallet Box

Shelving Solutions

Whether you need shelving and racking for warehouses or other storage products, we have storage solutions for you. From a single bay of shelves to house all your stationery products to the multi-tiered archive systems.  Our innovative shelving units are designed to improve the capacity, organisation and efficiency of your working environment.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Garage Shelving

Metal Rack Shelving

Material Handling Equipment

Offering the best equipment available to hire or buy. Counterbalance forklifts, stock pickers, reach trucks and articulated flexi machines to name a few.

All material handling equipment is CE compliant and fully maintained to guarantee 100% peace of mind.

To buy or hire any material handling equipment call us on 01937 585 057 for more information.

Warehouse Equipment - Reach Truck

Doosan Electric Counterbalance Forklift

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Essential Warehouse Equipment and Accessories

Below is a list of warehouse equipment and accessories that are considered essential in today’s warehousing industry:

Pallet Racks
For organizing and storing pallets of goods and materials.

Shelving Units
For organizing and storing smaller items and boxes.

Forklifts and Reach Trucks
For moving and transporting heavy items and pallets.

Conveyor Systems
For moving and transporting goods and materials within the warehouse.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)
For efficient and automated storage and retrieval of goods and materials.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
For transporting goods and materials within the warehouse without human intervention.

Handheld Scanners
For accurately tracking and scanning inventory and deliveries.

Barcode Labels
For identifying and tracking products and inventory within the warehouse.

Mezzanine Floors
For creating additional storage space within the warehouse.

Loading Docks and Dock Levelers
For efficient and safe loading and unloading of goods and materials.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
For tracking and managing inventory, orders, and warehouse operations.

Picking Carts and Trolleys
For moving and organizing smaller items and materials within the warehouse.

Safety Equipment
Such as safety harnesses, hard hats, and safety shoes for protecting warehouse workers.

Climate Control Systems
For maintaining a stable temperature and humidity level within the warehouse.

This list is not exhaustive, but it covers the essential equipment and accessories required in most modern warehouses. The specific equipment and accessories required will depend on the size, type, and operations of the warehouse.

Shelving Solutions

Whether you need shelving and racking for warehouses or other storage products, we have storage solutions for you. From a single bay of shelves to house all your stationery products to the multi-tiered archive systems.  Our innovative shelving units are designed to improve the capacity, organisation and efficiency of your working environment.