2017 has been viewed as the year when many companies migrate to SaaS (Software as a service) WMS (Warehouse Management Software) platforms, which will help to change and improve the workflow in a number of crucial areas. Working in real-time offers a whole range of crucial advantages that improve both speed and operational efficiency. SaaS WMS systems are available on almost any device, and once in place, the impact can be seen almost immediately.

For those who have not yet come across, or looked into the benefits of these systems, we’ll provide a quick overview of what exactly they can add to your business.

Lower Costs

A ringing bell that will catch most people’s attentions in the first instance. Instead of having to invest in specialised hosting equipment or waiting for dedicated code to be created for the system, SaaS WMS can be directly connected to your existing platform. Having dedicated IT experts employed within the staff is no longer a requirement, as technical support will be provided as one of the subscription features. The payment options place you in full control of how long you commit to any particular system, meaning that you only pay for however long you are using it.

Implementation and Scalability

A great advantage is that migrating your existing inventory system into a SaaS based platform should not incur any loss of data. It all comes down to choosing the right supplier who understands how your current process and network is configured. There are no requirements to roll out staff training on backing up the system, upgrades, recovery or dealing with system administration. The provider relieves you of that pressure as it is all hosted on their server. This also applies to the growth of data from ongoing use and for any new versions and updates that may occur.

Real-time Inventory and Tracking

It almost goes without saying that having instant visibility of your inventory allows you to react to demand fluctuations, without depleting your minimum stock levels; a perilous position you’d want to avoid at all costs. The barcodes on each product will also become a rich source of information, even after they have been picked and despatched for delivery. So in-turn, each time the barcode is scanned, the additional data will be registered, allowing you to access updates on the status of the product. You can go one-step further and incorporate the transportation GPS data to create real-time tracking information.

Technology Upgrade

The pricing models found in using SaaS WMS means that small to medium sized business have instant access to the best technology around. This quickly puts them on a par with some of the largest companies in the world, and gives you a significant advantage over any immediate competitor that is using an outdated or less robust system. Working on a subscription based service, the package will cover 24 hour support, 7 days a week, maintenance, upgrades, ongoing product development and of course, security of your inventory data.

Remote Accessibility

This is invaluable for warehouse managers who need to gain quick access to their warehouse inventory when they are away from the office. Because it is internet based, then the information can be reached at any time and from any location, provided there is an internet connection available. Should they be needed, this enables management to initiate quick changes even if there are not physically on the premises. This sort of flexibility is the ideal situation for any business, as it leaves no operational situation out of their control.