Improve your warehouse efficiency with Horizontal Carousel storage systems. But what about the alternatives, Vertical Carousel, and Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)? Let’s explore the differences so you can choose the right fit.

Choosing one system doesn’t mean you’re locked in. Each has pros and cons, even compared to manual systems. Check out our overview of Vertical Carousels and VLMs to find your business’s natural fit.

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Noticeably, it maximizes storage in the same footprint, a plus for any storage unit. VLMs offer adaptability for businesses dealing with a wide product range. Shelf heights, up to 28 inches, adjust automatically based on item height, saving valuable worker time. The module’s height can be tailored to the warehouse dimensions. While slightly pricier than Vertical Carousels, the flexibility is worth considering.

Vertical Carousel

Different from the Horizontal version, it optimizes unused vertical floor space, ideal for compact warehouses. Bring together multiple units simultaneously to boost throughput and picking speed. Though offering less storage, the smaller footprint allows for more machines. Easily control temperature and humidity. Note that it’s slower than a horizontal unit and requires even item distribution.

Remember, while these systems uplift operational performance, they need your input and maintenance. Periodic servicing is crucial for certification compliance, similar to forklifts and cranes.

Choosing the right module might be challenging for first-timers. Our information aims to clear confusion and guide you. With vast experience in designing and installing carousels, VLMs, and various storage systems, we help businesses expand and grow.

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