With warehouse shuttle systems the handling of goods is carried out by using a remote controlled pallet shuttle. Often called ‘shuttle rockets’,  these shuttles contain diagnosis software for troubleshooting issues and run on rechargeable batteries. There are a number of different types of shuttle systems available, from single or double deep storage, to roaming shuttles and dedicated shuttles. 

Shuttle systems works on either a FIFO (first-in-last-out) or LIFO (last-in-first-out) basis.  The system automates the placement of pallets in the storage lane therefore reducing loading and unloading cycle times. The operator controls all the processes for storing and extracting pallets simply by using a remote control or Wi-Fi enabled tablet

Racking can be set up against a wall of the warehouse which allows for more space.  This system allows for loading to be done from one side with a forklift truck and the unloading on the opposite side with another.

Advantages of Warehouse Shuttle Systems

  • Unique high-density functionality
  • Larger number of product types can be stored
  • Time required to store and extract pallets reduced
  • Reduces operating costs
    • The number of fork trucks and operators required is reduced, no need for lighting about racking, less damage to goods including racking repair & maintenance, running costs of temperature/humidity controlled systems and reducing the storage cube required with the associated rent/overheads
  • Damage reduction
    • Forklifts never enter into the aisles like they do in drive-in racking therefore reducing damage.
  • Higher product flow produces increased productivity
  • Maximised productivity
    • can be combined with other racking systems
  • Ideal for cold storage warehouses

2h Storage Solutions offer a free site survey and would be happy to advice you on warehouse shuttle systems for your warehouse operation. With years of experience 2hssl can offer industry-wide insights in the pros and cons of the various shuttle systems available.  Customers can enjoy the certainty of a successful project with 2h Storage Solutions.