Belt Conveyors for the North East

If you are looking for guidance on growing your business and you need advice on belt conveyors, you have come to the right place.  We help businesses improve production and dispatch times with automated systems such as conveyor belts, inclined, declined, gravity, and roller-driven conveyor systems.

We offer a free site survey where we look at your objectives and the current system you have in place.  Then we will we be able to establish what type of belt conveyor is right for your application and products.

Belt conveyors are often chosen because of their versatility.  Belt sizes can vary, from 20mm right up to 3000mm or larger if required.  The material used will depend on its application requirements.  They are heavily used in the pharmaceutical, confectionery, and food industries. Quite often a single drive unit can be used, but it depends on the weight of the products. For much heavier applications there are plastic modular conveyor belts that are sprocket-driven meaning they can handle heavy loads. Belts’ speed can vary and they will accommodate corners and inclines and declines.  Belt conveyors can be made portable by adding casters when the legs are being fabricated.

We can install a range of food-quality conveyor belting and fasteners together with conveyor rollers.  Take a look at our case studies to see some of the successful installations we have designed and installed.

Here at 2h Storage Solutions, our expertise allows us to manage your conveyor project from the initial design stage right through to installation, spares, and maintenance backup.  Call us on 01937 585057 to find out more.

Belt Conveyor System Installation