Rack End Protection

By fitting rack end protection, you can safeguard the frames at the exposed ends of your pallet racking system. Whether you’re retrofitting or designing a new pallet racking system, rack end protectors can improve safety in your warehouse.

The importance of rack-end protection cannot be overstated.  Accidents involving forklifts or other equipment can be extremely dangerous and can result in serious injuries or even fatalities. In addition to the human cost, accidents can also result in significant financial losses due to damage to equipment, products, or property.

Since all pallet racking systems are vulnerable to accidental forklift truck damage, it’s crucial to take steps to improve safety standards in your warehouse. Rack end barriers are a cost-effective addition to any pallet racking installation and are among the most popular and widely used pallet racking safety accessories.

Starting at less than a hundred pounds, these barriers can save you the cost and inconvenience of repairing end-of-rack frames. They come in a variety of colors and designs, including Armco barrier-style and single or double-level tubular-style end barriers. Various sizes are available to protect single or double-entry end frames of various depths, such as 900mm, 1100mm, 2000mm, and 2400mm rack end barriers.

By installing rack end protection, companies can help to reduce the risk of accidents and damage, which can ultimately help to protect the safety of employees, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.  Rack end protection is also a legal requirement in many countries, so failure to install it can result in legal penalties or fines.

At 2h Storage Solutions, we offer a wide range of rack-end protection solutions, including lightweight/heavyweight frame protectors, tubular barriers, and double rail barriers, all of which are available in high visibility colors. To learn more about our rack-end protection options, complete the form below or call us at 01937 585057.