If you are looking at ways in which you can change and reconfigure the layout of your warehouse, installing mesh cages may not be the first thing you think of.  However, it is by far one of the most cost-effective ways to develop and create more space, while also making clear divisions between both working areas and places of storage.

Mesh cages can be installed in almost any type of commercial or industrial environment, ensuring you maximise the space available to your business. Below are some suggestions on how to get the most from mesh partitioning for your company.

Easy installation and low maintenance

The installation of mesh cages enables you to increase your storage capacity without having to find the extra money needed to renovate or move to larger premises. This is because every mesh partition is modular and can be supplied to match your layout requirements, thanks to the wide number of sizes available. Installation is straightforward and should create a huge disturbance to the normal working day.

Once mesh cages have been installed it also requires very little maintenance. It generally takes care of itself and anything you have stored inside. Occasionally you should carry out checks to ensure it is still firmly fixed in place and that the locking mechanisms remain in good working order.

Protecting valuable equipment

Heavier equipment and expensive machinery such as forklifts and pallet trucks are often kept inside mesh cages. At the end of the working day, they are stored away before the cage is opened up and the equipment is accessed by staff in the morning.

The reason some equipment is secured inside a cage isn’t just because of a lack of trust, or a concern they will be stolen. In the vast majority of cases, they are locked away to ensure they avoid any potential damage taking place, which reduces the need to pay for expensive replacements or repairs.

Staff protection

By installing a mesh cage around hazardous materials or machinery you also keep employees safe and protected from any injuries or health risks. By storing away dangerous items in a separate area, only trained and authorised members of staff will be able to access them.

It isn’t only machinery and equipment that can be protected by mesh cages. Any sensitive chemicals used or stored in industrial premises can also pose health risks if managed incorrectly. Keeping them away from unauthorized staff ensures they are not exposed to potential injuries such as chemical burns.

Storing sensitive items

Mesh cages are ideal for protecting high-value items and hazardous materials from staff, but they also allow you to separate sensitive and delicate products whenever needed. A good example of that is to ensure particular chemicals remain separated so they do not come into contact with each other.

There are also some chemicals and substances that have to be kept away from specific surfaces or environments to avoid contamination. Flammable fuels and gasses or industrial cleaning supplies can be divided by a mesh cage to reduce the risk of fire or damage occurring.

Creating more space

While mesh cages are great for storing equipment and supplies, they are also useful for creating functional space. If you are struggling for room they can be used to create meeting areas, or for staff canteens in sections away from the main work floor.

As they can be installed without too much fuss, this means you can find multiple uses for the new space. And, if you want to expand or change the dimensions, it doesn’t take long to move and fix back into place. Mesh cages are an extremely flexible storage solution that will provide several benefits to support your business for years to come.