Investing in a used pallet racking system offers your warehouse a number of great benefits. You may be expanding your current storage space, replacing an existing system or just a brand new company looking to make the most of your resources. Either way, take a look at the advantages below to see if it will be the right fit for your operations.

Cost effective

In most cases the main reason companies look to install a used pallet racking system is because of the cost savings it provides. Buying a used system will be much cheaper than purchasing one brand new, although much will depend on its age and condition. You will usually find everything from second hand push back racking to stow racking and the money saved can be used to invest elsewhere in the business. This is helpful to new companies in particular.

Effective inspections

When a used pallet racking supplier receives a new system they should perform a thorough check to verify its safety and condition before it is resold. This makes it much easier for buyers to understand the capabilities of the system they are purchasing. Of course, buyers can also conduct their own inspection of the system before making a purchase to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Reduced installation time

Another great benefit of purchasing a used system is they sometimes arrive partially assembled and are usually very easy to fit together. Suppliers typically have everything from Dexion racking to Redirack racking available for customers to choose from, who are some of the leading manufacturers in the UK. By reducing the installation time involved, it ensures there is less downtime for the buyer who can have the used pallet racking system up and running in a much shorter space of time.

Less maintenance

It’s only natural that when you buy a brand new racking system you are far more protective of its condition. You will want it to remain looking as good as new for as long as possible after installation and will be wary of it picking up dents, scratches and markings. When it comes to used pallet racking you also want it to remain in good shape, but are not as concerned about its aesthetics as it is likely to already arrive with one or two markings from the previous owner.

Restoration options

If you are concerned about the aesthetic appeal of the system in your facility there are one or two things you can do to restore its former beauty. Anyone who has purchased used mobile packing racking, Apex pallet racking, Mecalux racking, or a system from any other manufacturer could add a new coat of paint to make it look like new.

Environmentally friendly

While investing in used pallet racking won’t have an immediate effect on the environment, it is still a more ecologically sound alternative. It means there is less requirement on a manufacturer to build a new system to replace one that has been sold, reducing the fossil fuels used during production. While this may not feel like it has a huge impact, with growing concerns over how energy is used in today’s word, anything that puts less of a strain on the environment should be seen in a positive light.

Faster shipping

You may find that ordering used pallet racking offers a faster shipment date compared to purchasing the system brand new. And if you buy a system from a local supplier this will also save on shipping costs, which contributes to the overall savings made from going second hand. The benefit of having a shorter delivery time is it allows you to install the units quickly and have the warehouse operational again without any long-term downtime that could cost the business money.

What to be aware of when buying used pallet racking

There are some important things to look out for when buying used pallet racking. This includes things such as:

  • Know the difference between ‘used’ and ‘refurbished’
    These two terms sound like they mean the same thing but have different meanings. Used racking means no work has been done to the system before being resold. Refurbished means some repairs and replacements have taken place to ensure the system is of good quality for re-use.
  • Ask for the manufacturer’s documentation
    It is important to know the uniform distributed load (UDL) for the system so you are aware of how much weight it can handle. The supplier should be able to supply this before purchase. If any repairs or maintenance have been carried you must also be informed about this.
  • Check for parts
    Older systems are less likely to still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty due to their age. Check what sort of availability there is for spare parts as you will probably have to source some in the future. If the system is obsolete then finding replacements may prove difficult which will reduce how long it will remain useful for your business.