Do you require  dismantling transporting and rebuilding pallet racking at a new site?  Here at 2h Storage we have helped hundreds of companies move transport rebuild or dismantle pallet racking systems. Are you moving sites and need your existing pallet racking moving or need to increase or reduce pallet racking frames sizes or alter your pallet racking layout?
We have an experienced design team who can cut down or splice to change the height of your pallet racking frames or increase or reduce the number of pallet racking beam levels. We can dismantle your existing pallet racking carefully band up and transport your pallet racking to a new site and increase or decrease pallet racking frame heights. We can add both new and used pallet racking to your existing racking and often buy your surplus pallet racking frames and beams.


Do you need to stage your move to minimise the disruption to the warehouse or production facility? We can arrange for staged moves or install new or used pallet racking at your new site to allow instant operation over both sites. We will look at the technical specifications of your existing pallet racking and allow you to make informed decisions on the optimum design and budget.


So whatever the reason and your businesses needs let 2h Storage give you the smoothest move leaving you to concentrate on keeping the production or warehousing in order. Call our pallet racking design team today on 01765 640 160.