Looking for used Link 68, Symo, HiLo KS, Provost, Finspar pallet racking?  If you have any of these types of pallet racking it is going to be difficult to find good quality used pallet racking spares. Do you need to consider consolidating some of these older or unusual types of pallet racking? Why not let us advise you on how to use a mixture of your existing pallet racking system with either new pallet racking or a more common and popular type of used pallet racking.
We offer a wide range of both new and used pallet racking and offer a full design, deliver,  supply and installation service for just a few bays of pallet racking through to the largest high bay systems for large blue chip companies.

How do you know if your pallet racking is still safe or fit for your loadings and usage? Here at 2h storage we offer annual pallet racking safety inspections that give you a detailed report in 48 hours of the inspection being completed. We will not just leave you with a damage report we offer suggestions of pallet racking damage prevention, cost effective pallet racking repairs or even a replacement pallet racking system.

So whatever your type of pallet racking give our pallet racking design team a call here in Yorkshire just North of Leeds off the A1 on 01937 585057.