Pallet racking can easily be damaged usually with an impact from a forklift truck or the when pallets are being loaded or unloaded from the pallet racking.


The most common type of damage is to the uprights or bracing in the pallet racking frames although beams and other components like foot plates can also suffer damage. With Link 51 pallet racking it is easy to repair although these repairs should be assessed and carried out by competent pallet racking inspectors and pallet racking installation and repair engineers.


With Link 51 and some other types of pallet racking it is possible to remove the damaged upright and cut it down in length and replace the damaged section using a kit called a joint or splice kit. However these need to be carefully fitted and should only be used at certain levels so you must seek professional pallet racking design advice before these works are carried out.


The pallet racking bracing can also be replaced but there are different types of Link 51 pallet racking bracing depending on the frame width, height and duty. It is critical that all repair works use suitable pallet racking repair materials so check your installer or repair team are using the correct materials.


If you are suffering heavy damage because you have high pick rates and lots of pallet movements your pallet racking company should advise you on suitable pallet racking protection. These are usually in the form or rack end barriers, column or upright guards or corner guards. With many of these pallet racking guards being less expensive that the repairs they protect against they are a very worthwhile investment. So if you have Link 51 pallet racking or another type of pallet racking call our pallet racking design team here in Yorkshire today and get your pallet racking back to a safe standard.