When buying used pallet racking there are a few tips that will help you get the cheapest used pallet racking of the best quality for your warehouse racks.
First take some time to consider pallet racking frame depths, the most common and popular frame depths are 900mm and 1100mm warehouse rack frames. Therefore these are the two most common frame sizes available on the used market.
Make sure you consider what types and sizes of pallets you will need to store, also different sized pallets can be stored in different orientations. An experienced used pallet racking supplier will be able to discuss your pallets and pick rates to make sure you get the best system. However a word of warning don’t let unscrupulous used pallet racking suppliers change the way you store your pallets to sell you a system that is not the best for you. 1100mm racking frames will allow more flexibility for the type of pallets you can store so if you have differing sizes of pallets 1100mm racking frames are likely to be the best option.
The next item is the pallet racking beams, the most popular size and the most commonly used pallet racking beams are 2700mm clear entry (this is the measurement between the upright in the bay when the system is assembled). 3000mm clear entry pallet racking beams are also readily available however the longer the beams it is more difficult to achieve higher weight loadings.
The most common weight ratings for a pair of used pallet racking beams is 2T also referred to as the UDL, but if you are designing the system yourself or adding to an existing warehouse racking system be careful that you do not over load the uprights and frames. Unless you are experienced in designing pallet warehouse racking installations it is best left to the professionals. Novice designers often over look details that are critical, like base plate load ratings and the first beam level. High first beam levels or existing standard base plates may not be able to cope with increased or altered loading or may have less stability. Even adding beam levels or increasing beam loadings can lead to a used pallet racking system being over loaded. In some instances even experienced pallet racking designers will need to check with the manufactures technical department certain design criteria.
The main types of used pallet racking are LINK 51, Dexion, HiLo, Apex, RediRack, etc but there are less popular used systems. These systems can be harder to find spare parts for or these spare parts may only be available new at higher costs. These systems are usually from European manufactures of warehouse racking.
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