Bespoke Rack Training PackagesKeep your team safe and working to best practice and avoiding expensive repairs and accidents with our Bespoke Rack Training Packages.


We carry out bespoke staff and management training to help you get the best from your warehouse pallet racking, our training packages are individually tailored to the needs of each client. We have trained staff at some of the UK’s top supermarkets right through to individual warehouse managers and FLT drivers. So you can rest assured that you have done all you can to keep your staff and racking safe by signing your team members up to a 2h bespoke pallet racking training course.

Our pallet racking training courses not only help you keep your warehouse and pallet racking safe they will also save you money on repairs. Having your team trained in pallet racking safety improves their awareness of both the dangers and costs when safety is compromised.

This leads to a reduced number of pallet racking repairs and saves the cost of those repairs and the time and money involved in dealing with pallet racking which is out of use.

This means the life of your pallet racking installation is improved with further savings made on extending the time before a replacement system is required and the disruption that replacing pallet racking in the warehouse causes.


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