The logical progression of technology in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is cloud warehouse management.  Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Systems work in real-time and data is accessible from any device. Cloud-based services are changing the way we live and work and it is already improving the infrastructure of a growing number of warehouse facilities.

Having a cloud-based warehouse management system gives you instant accessibility even when not on the premises.  Your supply chain data is stored on a server that is accessible from any location.  Controlling the WMS from a workstation, mobile phone, tablet or laptop ensures management can remain active in the loop regardless of their location.

Many businesses are keen to evolve and invest in a WMS but are deterred by the investment required upfront. Even though the long-term returns will make it worthwhile eventually. Price packages in traditional WMS systems are very rigid compared to cloud-based systems. With a cloud warehouse management system there are no extra costs from installing new equipment, just a small monthly fee based on the number of users. Also, user licenses can be added quickly when demand is high and removed when required.


Security is constantly being updated with cloud systems with new updates and patches which means your business data is constantly protected against any threats.  There is no waiting for annual upgrades like many typical WHS platforms. Plus if anything were to happen to your warehouses such as firepower outages or natural disasters, all the business data remains on the cloud intact.

Another benefit of having a cloud-based warehouse management system is having an expert at hand at all times.  Many cloud-based systems come with technical support.  It lessens the burden on staff and means they can focus on other areas of the business to be more productive.  With less attention needed to supporting an internally hosted WMS system, cloud-based staff can improve the quality of their work in other departments and improve overall efficiency across the entire organization.

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Cloud Based Warehouse Management Systems