Health and safety are very important considerations in any workplace. Under the UK health and safety law, it is a legal requirement that all mechanically loaded storage equipment have safety load notices displayed. This means that any type of pallet racking loaded with a forklift truck must display a safety load notice regardless of its location or setting.

Load notices are signs which tell end users how to use, how not to use, and how to safely maintain the racking system.  Load notices need to be displayed clearly.

Without load notices, end users run the risk of overloading the system. Which is worst case scenarios can lead to racking collapses and fetal injuries.

pallet racking installation

If you are unsure if your load notices are correct give us a call. We offer free of charge advice service to keep your warehouse pallet racking as safe as possible. We also offer a wide range of pallet racking safety products and accessories from rack end barriers to warehouse safety netting.

It is important to have an annual pallet racking safety inspection carried out. The pallet racking inspector will check not only if the safety load notices are in place but also if they are suitable.

If you have any questions on load notices or need advice on racking safety inspections call our team here at 2h Storage on 01937 585057