2h Storage Solutions can supply a wide range of industrial racking to meet customer requirements and their individual needs.  We have a specialised team, who are highly trained to take care of the component selection and design of your industrial racking.  We will work closely with your business so that we can create the perfect warehouse space for you and your building.

Pallet Racking must always be correctly installed by competent installers. With 2h Storage Solutions, you will benefit from our experienced and responsible installation teams.  They have a great track record in working on the most challenging of pallet racking installations.

Your installation will be carried out under strict health and safety criteria. Therefore giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have employed full members of the safe contractor scheme. Our team is used to working on small repairs through to new installations for some of the UK’s top blue chip companies. All our installations are carefully managed by a team of experienced project managers, who will keep you and our site teams updated on any site-specific requirements.

We will provide the risk and method statements that you require and our professional installation teams are all fully trained. So if you need to make sure your storage installation is correctly installed to the correct industry standards by trained professionals make sure you check your supplier’s credentials. You can rest in the knowledge we carry the correct insurances to the required levels and our project managers undergo regular product knowledge training and stay up to date with new industry guidelines and recommendations.

Pallet Racking Installation Service

Health and Safety

Any project involving the installation of pallet racking should always begin with a risk assessment and method statement.  It is essential to adhere to the Construction Design and Management 2007 Regulations because it is likely that your racking installation will be covered by them.

Floor Slab

We shall ensure the floor’s suitability for the construction of pallet racking and its capacity to support the racking’s full weight.  In addition, we will ensure that the floor is suitable for securely fixing the racking system to the floor by the manufacturer’s specifications.

Plant and Equipment

Thought will be put into plant or equipment (such as forklift trucks and scissor lift trucks) access and safety.  The “Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations of 1998” specify that only a qualified individual should operate this. The appropriate manual handling regulations should be followed at all times.


Uprights, brace components, and base plates make up a frame.  It is essential to assemble these frames by the manufacturer’s instructions for their particular size and height. We will specify the duty of each supplied upright to meet your requirements. Depending on how high your racking goes, the upright may be divided into multiple sections; in this case, a joining splice will be provided. Row spacers should be used to connect adjacent frames in double racks to give the structure more stability.

All racking will be completed with load notices when the installation of the racking is finished.  Notices should be installed on the racking in prominent locations where all operators can easily see them.

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